About Toraja

Welcome to Tana Toraja
The “Land of Heavenly Kings”�
Torajan house with a massive roof shaped like a ship’s prow Torajan traditional houses in line of Kete’ Kesu traditional village Rice terrace in the Toraja countryside Waterbuffalo is soaking in water

Plan your trips with Luta Resort Toraja. We have a huge variety of guided tours in the highland of Sulawesi. You will find the tours we recommend for our guests, and we hope you will enjoy them.

The long drive from the lowlands to the mountain stronghold of Tana Toraja opens up a breath-taking new world. The rugged mountains and verdant valleys are home to a people whose love of religious spectacle is equaled only by their hospitality.

We offer a variety of guided tours in Toraja and Sulawesi cooperate with tour guides. Try trekking and rafting in the mountains. Try birdwatching and animal hunting. or visit the villages to experience the heritage and ceremonial of Toraja.

Plan your exploration together with our experienced guides.